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How to Travel with Your Partner

How to Travel with Your Partner

how to travel with your partner

There is nothing as rewarding as traveling with a partner. It could be an incredible experience, and the spice you need to bond with your lover. Traveling with one’s partner is known to strengthen the relationship, testing how couples can handle challenges that are associated with encountering new places and cultures. It is a skill and not as easy as you might think. One powerful way of testing real unbridled love is finding comfort abroad. It’s a fact. And that’s why we present this article on how to travel with your partner.

Before the Journey

Choose a Destination You are Both Interested in


Everyone has a dream place they would like to visit, including you and your partner. If you do not have a dream place, then it’s time to get one now. This is one way to decide the country that will be of great interest to you and your partner. It will simplify the decision-making process.

Note that it is not a must that you agree on where to travel on the very first attempt. A good way to choose a destination that you and your partner are interested in is to make a short list of five destinations you both would like to visit. You can make a new list each time there are no matches.


how to travel with your partner

It’s best you start your list from countries, then you delve into details like cities or towns, and then activities. These exercises should be done separately. So get a new notebook or jotter and start making notes and lists because it’s healthy for your relationship.

Check Whether the Destination Offers Everything Both of You Want


how to travel with your partner

Have you found the destination that is of interest to you and your partner? Great!

The next important thing is to check the features of your destination. If there are similar activities that you and your partner would love to do there. For example, if you are keen on swimming, and your partner prefers the museum, Moscow might not be the appropriate choice, a trip to South Africa could be a splendid choice where you can take a dip at Hobie beach in Port Elizabeth and your partner can interact with history at the Apartheid Museum in Johannesburg. This would bring mutual excitement and optimism for the trip ahead.

Plan Thoroughly to Avoid Misunderstanding

how to travel with your partner

Proper preparation prevents poor performance. Planning effectively is a good way of making a great trip. It will help prevent unnecessary misunderstanding.  Be guided by the budget of the lower income partner and budget wisely to avoid disputes, especially during the first vacation as a couple.

Work with a Budget


how to travel with your partner

Budgeting is an important decision that will make or mar your trip. If you are a high-income earner you may prefer a four-star hotel, but your partner may differ. Should the higher earner insist on staying in an exquisite hotel, he/she should cover the difference. It is important that you tread lightly on this topic as money-related issues are contentious. With adequate budgeting, problems arising from finances tend to solve themselves.

Get Travel Insurance for Both of You

You should get a good travel insurance policy to keep you covered in case of emergency. A good insurance policy is necessary because it protects you against eventualities including medical emergency and flight cancellation. It saves you and your partner from a lot of troubles.

On vacation as a couple

Accept Your Partner for Who They Are


how to travel with your partner

It’s true that you have been a couple for awhile now, you have spent a lot of time together and you know your significant other very well. Therefore, you know what to expect from them. However, it is common for people to behave differently when in new places or unknown situations. They could become stressed out, or we become more confident and reassured.

So, in the course of the trip, you may discover totally different aspects of your partner that may piss you off. Remember, this kind of vacation may be new to them and you should try to accept them. Most importantly, be prepared for this. 

Plan for Your Alone Time

It’s nice to give each other some alone time since you’re used to spending time together as a couple. There are things you value as an individual; this is also true for your partner. They may still prefer that museum while you still settle for a dip in the pool or beach.

If you both don’t share too many similar interests during the trip, that shouldn’t be a problem. You can enjoy your individualistic interests alone. This will create an avenue to miss each other dearly. Have fun and enjoy your alone time. That your partner doesn’t want to swim doesn’t mean that they do not care about you.

Drink Responsibly


how to travel with your partner

You and your partner should exercise caution with alcohol intake during your trip. A bottle of bear or glass of wine can trigger huge expenses, which is totally unnecessary. Additionally, huge consumption of alcohol can induce stress and cause a serious hangover.

Take Pictures of  Your Adventures

how to travel with your partner

It is important that you travel with a good camera. Travel with your selfie sticks. And take lovely pictures of yourselves while touring abroad. Also ask fellow tourists around to help take your pictures. You need to capture those memories in pictures and save them for posterity.

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