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How to Apply for Germany Student Visa

How to Apply for Germany Student Visa

We have written about applying for Germany Musician and Artist Visa; Germany Business Visa; German Medical Visa; and German Visa for Visiting Family and Friends in the past. This time, we present to you a simple guide on applying for German Student Visa with high chance of successful application. Enjoy!
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What is Germany Student Visa?

Germany Student Visa is a permit for studying or conducting research in a German university or college for more than three months. It is also for taking language courses in Germany for more than three months. It is a type of Germany long-term visa which is officially known as Student, Research and Language Course Visa.

There are two types of GERMANY STUDENT VISA. They are:

  • Language Course Visa, and
  • Student Visa

Who Can Apply for Germany Student Visa?

There is a broad stroke for the eligibility of applying for student visas. Financial means, zero criminal record, and admission into a college or university of one’s country of choice are the general thing. For GERMAN STUDENT VISA, the specific criterion that has to be met, apart from those general yardsticks, is that:

  • Applicant must have applied for blocked account opening in a German bank.

Applying for Germany Student Visa in Nigeria

GERMANY STUDENT VISA application is a little tricky and peculiar. However, a careful reading of the following steps will help you avoid costly mistakes.

Step 1

Click here to download and print out a blocked German account opening form. Take it to the German Consulate in Lagos where you will be asked to fill and sign it in the presence of one of consulate officials. Afterwards, you will be given a confirmation slip acknowledging that you’ve requested that a German bank account be opened on your behalf by the German Embassy in Nigeria.

Your account details will be sent to you in not more than three weeks.

Step 2

Credit the account with €7,908. You will receive a payment confirmation by email in two days.

Step 3

Print out the payment slip from your email.

Step 4

Book your appointment by email to attaching a copy of your blocked account confirmation and admission letter. You will be given an appointment date by email too.

Step 5

Click here to download and fill your visa application form.

Step 6

Visit the German Embassy in Nigeria on your appointment date for interview. Go along with your student visa application form and supporting documents. See here for full details on the supporting documents to take along.

We wish you a happy application. Do drop your comments for clarification or questions and to share your testimony after successfully applying.


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