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5 Ways to Spend Christmas in London

5 Ways to Spend Christmas in London

London is definitely a Christmas destination. It is purely magical at Christmas and the spirit of the season hovers around the city. If it is your plan to visit London during the Christmas season, get ready for your expectation to be exceeded. It is important to make adequate preparation because there could be closure or reduction to the opening of shops, restaurants, and bars during the period of Christmas.

But one thing you won’t stop noticing are the bright, twinkling Christmas light decorating each street, merrymaking during festivals and intoxicating aroma of sweet wine in the air. Also, there are lots of happy cheer and waves of laughter.

Why not? It’s Christmas after all! There are just lots of activities to engage in during Christmas in London: From the old, famous Oxford street where there are the largest Christmas lights in the city with star-studded appearance and merrymaking to seeing the best and most magnificent Christmas trees in the Trafalgar square, and joining in the carol singing.

Here are 5 ways to spend Christmas in London:

Experience the Wonders of Christmas at Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park

5 Ways to Spend Christmas in London

Have you ever thought of the perfect place to spend Christmas? Think no further, Hyde Park Winter Wonderland is a place to be at Christmas. It is a place you can experience the full bliss and glory that accompanies Christmas. It is an epic Christmas centre, and it played host to about fourteen million visitors since it’s opening in 2007. The best thing about this Yuletide attraction is that entry is free.

You will find one of the biggest skating edifices in Europe to practice how to skate (there are guides to help). Be captivated as it glistens under the skies and creates an atmosphere of romance at night. It is a favourite activity for all ages, as your kids will enjoy it. There are also live music that will create an aura of inspiration, so you slide through with confidence; there’s also the Magical ice kingdom, where you will enjoy a stroll into the world of impressive mythical water creature of mermaids, gods and sea creatures. The place is picture-perfect, so be sure to take plenty of selfies and strike a pose with these splendid ice sculptures; you can also enjoy an amazing blend of compelling storytelling with classic ice-skating performance of Cinderella of the ice.

The glamorous choreography, quality projection and special effects coupled with a mind-blowing interpretation of the story will make your Christmas eventful. Another enjoyable activity is watching the Zippos Circus’ family daytime Christmas show. It combines bright colours, comic acts and exciting skills to produce a spectacular and entertainment performance.

These, coupled with boisterous bars and food stalls, will contribute to the jolly ambiance. Don’t forget to get a souvenir from the Christmas market.

Go Ice Skating

5 ways to spend christmas in london


Another way of experiencing the groove and merriment that comes with Christmas in London, is ice skating in any of the ice-rinks littered across the city. It is immaterial if you are a beginner with zero-ice skating skills or a pro with awe-inspiringly impressive skills, the culture of ice skating during the winter or the Yuletide period will captivate you.

Some of the best places for ice skating across London are Somerset House, the Great Natural History Museum. You can also find outdoor ice rink at the Coca-Cola London eye.

Christmas Shopping

5 ways to celebrate christmas in london


Will you be looking to buy some presents for Christmas, then shopping in the city will be a treat for you! You will always come across gifts that you can purchase for everyone in the family. Department stores and pop-up markets are in every part of the city. Some of these are:

Convent gardens, where you can find fine Christmas trees and inviting decors, and street performers that will keep you entertained throughout your shopping. Convent garden play host to the most exquisite shopping centres in London. You will find Burberry Brit, Lulu Guinness, and Mulberry. Children’s present can be found there in popular toyshops like the Benjamin Pollock Toy Shop and the Moomin Shop.

Many shoppers fill the streets of Oxford and Regent streets, for one reason: to have a perfect Christmas shopping experience. The streets are lit up with Christmas lights and you can find the way to departmental stores like popular Debenham and John Lewis. There are also assorted boutiques and restaurants in Garden street, coupled with over seventy-five quality internationally recognized flagship stores.

A journey to Knightsbridge at night for shopping will lead you to the popular Harrods store inspiringly well lighted with over eleven thousand bulbs, find the large Christmas store rife with finest decoration and bonkers. The lovely Christmas grotto can also be found here. They are over four hundred departments around the building where you can find clothing, kitchenwares, toys and others.

You can also shop at outdoor markets and shopping centres, if that sounds appealing to you. These outdoor markets sell traditional stylish gifts, food and drink. They can be found in different location around the city.

Visit Santa Grotto

5 ways to spend Christmas in London


There’s nothing as magical as meeting father Christmas on Christmas, it adds extra spice to the season especially if you are going with the children. Once you have had a nice spin on the ice rinks, shopped and dined, top off the splendid moment by visiting the famous bearded man in red by visiting the several Christmas grottos in the city. The Christmas magic contributes to his ubiquity.

You can hunt the Father Christmas in locations like;
Santa’s Grotto, Hyde Park Winter Wonderland, London
Santa’s Grotto, Ruxley Manor, Kent
Santa’s Magical Journey, Thursford, Norfolk
Santa Special, Brecon Mountain Railway, Cardiff

If you are accompanying the kids, makes sure they chat with him and tell him all they want for the new year, this would put a permanent smile on their faces. And don’t worry Father Christmas will give everyone gifts, even grown up. Amazing, isn’t it?

Visit the Charles Dickens Museum London

No Christmas in London is complete without the visit to the home of the greatest novelist in English history, the museum showcases close to one hundred thousand works of arts and manuscripts.
It can be located at 48, Doughty street. And the great author once lived in the building for two years. During this period, he wrote two masterpiece which are; Oliver Twist and Nicholas Nickleby. The building is the only existing house of Charles Dickens in London and it provide an unparalleled insight on his household and how it affects his writing culture

You will find display of his portraits and personal item, that will allow you to appreciate his work immensely.
During Christmas, the museum will offer you a special and fascinating perspective on how Christmas was celebrated during the Victorian age, the interior decors reflect the festivity of those times. You will relish the sights, sounds and smells of each room which are filled with fine decorations.

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